Welcome to the Human Microbiome Congress 2015!

Attend the European Congress for the Human Microbiome taking place on 18-19 November in London and hear about the cutting-edge research currently being conducted by microbiologists, clinicians regulatory and industry executives – all of which are being set to translate into the clinic in the next few years for real patient impact.

Key session topics include:

  • Status of international state-of-the-art research into the causative role of the microbiome in a broad spectrum of human diseases and disorders
  • In-depth look at current methodologies and software and tools to integrate big data
  • Modelling systems
  • Bioinformatics for the microbiome and multi omics analyses, which databases and algorithms are most robust?
  • Microbiome in nutrition and metabolism
  • Interventions for microbiome disorders and translating microbiome research into the clinic
  • Current regulatory approaches and future applications

Not only will you have the rare opportunity to hear first-hand from those at the frontline of research, we will be holding poster sessions for PhD students to provide opportunities for all scientists to learn about state-of-the-art research methods and clinical protocols for conducting microbiome work.